Worship in New Zealand

The first is the Church of the Good Shepherd which stands on the shores of LakeTekapo in the Southern Island. It is a small Anglican Church, built in 1935 as a memorial churchto commemorate the early settlers and today it is used by various denominations. It is one of themost photographed spots in the country. […]

Kirk O’ Muir

Kirk O’ Muir graveyard Kirk O’ Muir is a graveyard on the north side of the Carron Valley Reservoir. A small chapel existed there from early in the 10th century and was dedicated to St Mary. The Chapel became ruinous in the 18th century and was replaced in 1751 by a Chapel at Buckieburn, some […]

Visit to Kirkwall

A recent visit to Kirkwall It was founded by Earl Rognvald in the 12th century and given to the people of Kirkwall by King James 111 of Scotland in 1486. Along with Glasgow Cathedral it is one of the oldest cathedrals in Scotland. It is not difficult to reach Kirkwall by public transport and sailing […]